Threat Index

The intent of the Threat Index is to quickly represent the current Internet-wide status with regards to attacks and vulnerabilities. The Threat Index is not specific to any enterprise or company and instead focuses on global Internet activity.

Threat Index Definition



In this situation we know of no significant threats to normal Internet operations and no significant new attack or malware activity.


ASERT has discovered significant new threats and are actively tracking them. Damage in this scenario is typically confined to local points such as enterprises or home users, not causing widespread outages. Users are encouraged to review these new threats and install defenses. This can include major malware outbreaks, such as the Sasser worm.


ASERT is tracking major, Internet-scale issues. Major, widespread attacks are occurring and noticeable portions of the Internet are experiencing delays or service disruptions. This can include major DDoS events or malware outbreaks, such as the SQLSlammer worm.


ASERT is seeing major, wide-scale disruptions in service and Internet availability and rapidly expanding attacks.