Summary Report - (Past 24 hours)

Global Botnets


Botnets are collections of compromised hosts that attackers remotely control for their own nefarious purposes.

Once installed and running, a malicious bot will attempt to connect to a remote server to receive instructions on what actions to take. The most common command and control (C&C) protocol used for this is Internet Relay Chat (IRC). While a legitimate protocol for online chat, IRC is often used by attackers due to the relative simplicity of the protocol along with the ready availability of bot software written to use it. After connecting, a bot-controlled host can be controlled by an attacker and commanded to conduct malicious actions such as sending spam, scanning the Internet for other potentially controllable hosts, or launching DoS attacks.

ATLAS maintains a real-time database of malicious botnet command and control servers that is continuously updated. This information comes from malware analysis, botnet infiltration, and other sources of data.